How to Care for Your Hardwood Floors, Part 2

Your hardwood floors are an investment in both the beauty and value of your home. With all the species, color, and finish options available to you, you can find the perfect combination that you’ll love for years to come. However, whether you choose maple, hickory, or oak hardwood flooring, you will have to invest in some upkeep to make sure they stay beautiful. Hardwood floors have a unique vulnerability to scratches, dents, and stains, and regular maintenance can help prevent those disadvantages from detracting from the flooring you spent a lot of time and effort in choosing. Good Ol’ Boy Hardwood Floors is here to give you the tips and advice you need to appreciate your floors for decades.

In part one of this series, we discussed a few of the everyday ways that you can care for your hardwood floors. Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming are important steps toward reducing the dust and grit that can not only dim the beauty of your solid hardwood floors, but also can cause added wear and tear as they are ground into the surface with every footstep. Mopping is another key maintenance routine that can help protect the health and beauty of your floors, as long as you are careful to limit excess water, which can cause more harm than good. In today’s blog, we continue the conversation with a few more ways you can preserve your beautiful red or white oak floors.

Other Maintenance Options: Buff Or Polish

Your beautiful wood floors deserve a little extra attention every now and then, and buffing or polishing the finish can do the trick. Whether you choose to buff or polish should depend on how you choose to finish your hardwood floors. Waxed wood should be buffed for a like-new shine. Hardwood finished with polyurethane, on the other hand, can be polished to even out the surface and treat small scratches. Polishing waxed wood or buffing polyurethane can do more harm than good, so if you bought a house with existing hardwood floors, make sure you determine what kind of material you’re dealing with before choosing your maintenance method.


Once A Decade: Sand And Refinish

One of the biggest advantage of hardwood floors is that, when every other cleaning and scrubbing trick has failed to make imperfections disappear, you still have the option of starting from scratch. Whether you are dealing with scratches, dents, or surface stains, sanding and refinishing your floors can make them look brand new. Solid hardwood floors are thick, and can afford to lose a fraction of an inch of material every 10 or 20 years. Remove the finish and sand it yourself for a challenging DIY project, or hire professionals like Good Ol’ Boy Hardwood Floors to reveal a fresh layer of wood just under the surface. Once you have ground away the flaws and imperfections, you can refinish your floors as if they were freshly installed, and continue with a clean slate.

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